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Super Cars Show - 01 - Ferrari

Here are the photographs from the Super Cars Show that I had talked about in my last post. This post has all the photos of the Ferrari's that were present there. Lets start from my favorite one.

Before leaving home, I had decided that I'll only take cropped shots. I won't take any car's full shot.

I was having difficulty in adjusting to the light. Some parts of the cars were very well lit but others were dark and the LCD resolutions of my camera is also not very good.

Against my decision to take only cropped images, I did take some full shots. The low angle shots were looking very good.

Then there was this another Ferrari.

Man! these machines were lovely.

Sunrise at Gateway

I got a call from my photographer friend Vinay, on the same saturday night as my last post, about a Super Cars Show being held at Nariman Point on the next day. The cars show was to start at 8:15 AM. I was very tiered and wanted to sleep. I knew if I had to reach at 8:00 AM, I had to start from my home at 6:00 AM. But I also had this wish to photograph the sunrise at Gateway of India. I set my alarm to 5:00 AM and slept, thinking I'll see how I feel in the morning.
   Surprisingly I woke up fresh, cleaned up myself, took off at 6:00. I drove very fast as roads were all clear, reached there at 7:00. There were a good number of people present. One guy was with a tripod and a video camera. Sunrise was timed at 7:20, so I got some shots before it.

I tried to take a haunting shot, but I still need improvement.

 There were 3 different groups of birds : crows, pigeons and gulls.

And finally the sun rise.

This sunlight coming from the trees was a good scene but I could not capture all its col…

South Mumbai

As my wife was not home last Saturday [22nd Jan], I thought I had to do something, go somewhere. I had never been to Worli Seaface so I decided to go there. Opened Google Maps, found out the route and I was off at around 10:00 AM.
   Sky was clear and sun was not as harsh as May. Reached seaface  at 1:00 PM, clicked some shots of Bandra-Worli Sea Link and some of the sea. Shots were bad, too bright/white. But I managed to get a bird. This guy was sitting very still. I wanted a long exposure to show flowing water but there was too much light.

Then I drove my Activa towards the Gateway and got couple of shots there.

Here I have used my graduated ND filter to get the blue color of the sky.

I had never noticed the fine work done on Gateway till now.
Then I when the sun was beginning to set I moved towards the Marine Drive. Its one of my favorite place in Mumbai.

Finally the sunset at Marine Drive.

A New Begining

So friends, as you all can see I am going deeper into photography. I know I haven't mastered anything for now, but I can tag myself as "Serious Amateur". I am really trying to improve myself, so I try to take some photos everyday or so.
   Now a days every photographer has a blog. So I am also starting one. I don't have a clear format in mind but I will be discussing about photography and the related stuff.
   Lets see how it goes.