Sunrise at Gateway

  I got a call from my photographer friend Vinay, on the same saturday night as my last post, about a Super Cars Show being held at Nariman Point on the next day. The cars show was to start at 8:15 AM. I was very tiered and wanted to sleep. I knew if I had to reach at 8:00 AM, I had to start from my home at 6:00 AM. But I also had this wish to photograph the sunrise at Gateway of India. I set my alarm to 5:00 AM and slept, thinking I'll see how I feel in the morning.
   Surprisingly I woke up fresh, cleaned up myself, took off at 6:00. I drove very fast as roads were all clear, reached there at 7:00. There were a good number of people present. One guy was with a tripod and a video camera. Sunrise was timed at 7:20, so I got some shots before it.

I tried to take a haunting shot, but I still need improvement.

Sea Gulls, I guess.
 There were 3 different groups of birds : crows, pigeons and gulls.

And finally the sun rise.

A little later
This sunlight coming from the trees was a good scene but I could not capture all its colors.

I'll post the car show's photos in an another post.