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Kanheri Caves - 02

Here are the rest of the photographs from my trip to Kanheri Caves. All these portraits I shot with my 70-300mm Tamron lens. I used to think that telephoto lenses was used only for birds or animals, but as you can see, the lens is a good portrait lens. It gives me nice depth of field even at F4.5 .

The features have came sharp.

Two men were standing behind my dad but you can't make out any of them at first glance.

Even at F4.0, you can clearly see that the face is blurry / bokeh-ed and the strawberry is clear.

Same thing here at F5.0, the plus point of this telephoto lens is that you don't have to be too close to the subject. You can catch them unaware. I like the expression on her face.

Kanheri Caves - 01

So my plan to attend the Tulsi Lake walk, conducted by BNHS, crashed as the group was full. I did not want to waste my saturday morning and as my parents were also at my home, we all decided to go to Kanheri Caves. There is a bus from Charkop , no. 228, which drops you just opposite to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park's gate. Traveling inside the park was a pain. The seats of the park's buses were falling apart, the roads are poorly maintained, bus service works on the whim of the driver.
   My advice : take your own vehicle.

There are more than 100 caves.
This is the cave number 2.

They only animal I could find, good enough to photograph, is this monkey. The sky was clear and sun was bright, I thought this is a good time to experiment with shadows. I really liked the shadows in this photograph.

He was busy with himself, it was only for a couple of seconds that I could get his attention.

I have some more photos but I'll have to post them later as my wife is calling me to eat so…

The Moon and the Sparrow

Last night my wife told me that the moon was looking bigger than usual. I immediately took my camera and took couple of shots. This was the best I could do with my gear.

  Birds are somewhere at the top in my list of 'things-to-photograph'. The common sparrow is very easy to spot but very difficult to photograph as they are constantly moving. They are also hyper sensitive to any noise. This one I caught from the slits of my bathroom's window.

I am planing to attend the Tulsi Lake Nature Walk at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, on Sat, 26th Feb. It is being conducted by
The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).

Bangles and a Car Crash

The title has no relation what so ever, the bangles did not cause the car crash :). The bangles were photographed last night, at ISO 1600, due to low light. I had tried to capture the sparkling diamonds, but I got a flat image.

The two images given below might look same, but the difference is the point of focus. This is the thing that I like about my camera, you can choose the point to focus.

The point of focus also changes the look of the photo.

Now the car crash, it happened yesterday night near my house. Today morning I got a good view of it. The crows were also having a good interest in it.

As you can see, I forgot to change my ISO settings and took all the photos at 1600.

There are a good number of trees in Charkop and they are of different shapes. at different times of day, they get lit differently. I'll post some night shots also when they are light by the street light.

First Time Lapse

Time lapse was one more thing which had attracted me towards photography. My camera Nikon D3100, does not had in-build time lapse photography options, so I bought this remote or intervalometer, from e-bay.

The box:

When I attached this to my camera, it got stuck. It was so tight that when I pulled it, the metal cover at the end came out. Now I am using sellotape, so that it stays put. The time lapse that I shot using this is shared below.

Sunrise and Sunset Time Lapse from Ashish Disawal on Vimeo.

Valentine's Day

As specified in the Valentine's Day Survival Manual, I bought a rose and a gift for my wife. My wife shares the same love for flowers as me and she takes very good care of them. I just could not stop myself from taking photos of this beauty. So here are some shots taken today morning.

The texture of the rose petals is too good. Now the top view.

 And now the bottom view. The camera was upside down and I was unable to see how the shot was getting composed but it turned out well.

Marve Beach

Yesterday I and my wife went to Marve Beach. We reached there a good time ahead of the sunset. We both sat down watching the sunset and eating a spicy roasted corn. As always I took my camera with me and started shooting around. 

  There were a good number of boats and food stalls. I found this beach cleaner than Girgaon and Juhu beaches.

We sat there till the sun went away

The boats were all parked in a row.

I could get real low, near the water, without getting myself wet.

It was windy and the flags were fluttering, tried to capture it.

Then at around 7'O clock, the lights of the Global Pagoda came on. Wow! it was a beautiful scene. I wanted to take this shot for a long time. Had to use tripod and the full 300mm zoom.

This was taken from a window at my home. There was a procession for Lord Ganesha, so there were bright lights and this tree was looking very spooky.


Divya's aunt, who had visited us last weekend, was accompanied by her son, son's wife and their 2 kids. The elder one was Dhruv and the little on Manan. As they were here to attend a marriage I didn't had time to take photos of them, but on the last day I managed to get some photos of Manan.

 Yes, and from now on I have decided to add the photo information also to my photos, for my as well as others, reference.

  And Sitanshu , I think your advice of moving the post archive to the sidebar was good. It is really difficult to go down all the way to see other posts.

The Global Pagoda - 02

My interest for Pagoda had increased more because I had read the novel - The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh. Burma, now Myanmar, has been beautifully described in the novel.

The main colors that I see are golden and red.

A sneak shot, both were exhausted  after a few steps as the sun was directly above us.

Another one, caught her at right moment, background is overexposed, had to use flash.

While returning I saw this. It looks like a submerged bridge. Can't be sure.

And finally a photo of the photographer. This was taken by my wife.

I hate being photographed. 

The Global Pagoda - 01

I love going to The Global Pagoda. Its very near to my home, I see a new bird every time I go there and I enjoy the ferry ride. Today [6th Feb 2011] also I went there with my wife and her aunt. As we were waiting for the ferry, I spotted these guys having their lunch. I hope the caption is right. I am not a bird specialist.

Then I spotted this beautiful Black Drongo. This bird is difficult to photograph as its black in color and on a sunny day you loose every feature against the bright sky.

 Another friend of this guy was sitting on a different tree.

The construction work at the Pagoda is still going on. It was started in 1997.

The work is quite different from what I have seen in Indian temples.

The patterns are really intriguing.

Some more photos in the next part of this post.


I like flowers. My wife loves them too. I usually bring them when I come home from office. Gerbera's are most commonly available flowers in Mumbai.

As far as I cam remember, my first move to explore the camera was also because I wanted to get a better picture of a Gerbera.

There are quite a few varieties of Gerbera.

And the final thing that I like about flowers is that they stay still. I can setup my camera, test different settings and experiment.

Charkop Daily Walks

From a month or so, I and my wife have started going on morning and evening walks. Actually the evening walks are more like night walks as they happen at around 10 PM. I carry my camera some times and I take photo on some of the "some times". The one below is my latest one.

  This came darker than I had expected. The details are not there and I think I could not capture the light that I had seen with my eyes. Still I like it.

  Now the one above was also taken on the same day. It was early, I think around 7:30 AM. Sun was just coming out, I narrowed down my aperture and clicked.

  This scene, I get daily while walking.

  This one was from one of the night walks. There were two guys working at this snack center. I liked the way things were arranged in the shop. I went and asked them can I take a photo and they said yes. One guy was so shy that he went inside and didn't came out as long as I was standing there.
  I plan to take more people shots but I am still afraid of a…