Charkop Daily Walks

   From a month or so, I and my wife have started going on morning and evening walks. Actually the evening walks are more like night walks as they happen at around 10 PM. I carry my camera some times and I take photo on some of the "some times". The one below is my latest one.

  This came darker than I had expected. The details are not there and I think I could not capture the light that I had seen with my eyes. Still I like it.

  Now the one above was also taken on the same day. It was early, I think around 7:30 AM. Sun was just coming out, I narrowed down my aperture and clicked.

  This scene, I get daily while walking.

  This one was from one of the night walks. There were two guys working at this snack center. I liked the way things were arranged in the shop. I went and asked them can I take a photo and they said yes. One guy was so shy that he went inside and didn't came out as long as I was standing there.
  I plan to take more people shots but I am still afraid of approaching anyone I don't know. Lets see. I'll try.