The Global Pagoda - 01

   I love going to The Global Pagoda. Its very near to my home, I see a new bird every time I go there and I enjoy the ferry ride. Today [6th Feb 2011] also I went there with my wife and her aunt. As we were waiting for the ferry, I spotted these guys having their lunch. I hope the caption is right. I am not a bird specialist.

Common Redshank

Then I spotted this beautiful Black Drongo. This bird is difficult to photograph as its black in color and on a sunny day you loose every feature against the bright sky.

Black Drongo
 Another friend of this guy was sitting on a different tree.

Black Drongo
The construction work at the Pagoda is still going on. It was started in 1997.

The work is quite different from what I have seen in Indian temples.

Yet to be colored
The patterns are really intriguing.

Some more photos in the next part of this post.