Kanheri Caves - 02

   Here are the rest of the photographs from my trip to Kanheri Caves. All these portraits I shot with my 70-300mm Tamron lens. I used to think that telephoto lenses was used only for birds or animals, but as you can see, the lens is a good portrait lens. It gives me nice depth of field even at F4.5 .

ISO: 1600 Exposure: 1/800 sec Aperture: 4.5 Focal Length: 185mm Flash Used: No
The features have came sharp.

ISO: 1600 Exposure: 1/1000 sec Aperture: 4.5 Focal Length: 185mm Flash Used: No
Two men were standing behind my dad but you can't make out any of them at first glance.

ISO: 1600 Exposure: 1/1250 sec Aperture: 4.0 Focal Length: 105mm Flash Used: No
Even at F4.0, you can clearly see that the face is blurry / bokeh-ed and the strawberry is clear.

ISO: 1600 Exposure: 1/500 sec Aperture: 5.0 Focal Length: 260mm Flash Used: No
Same thing here at F5.0, the plus point of this telephoto lens is that you don't have to be too close to the subject. You can catch them unaware. I like the expression on her face.