Lotus Pond Day 03

   There is a pond near my house, its named Lotus Pond. It has got lotuses of every shape, size and color. I have had 2 earlier visits of it but they were before starting of the blog. On earlier visits I had photographed lotuses more than anything else so this time I thought not lotuses :) .
   So the first thing I found was a spider. Its web is just couple of inches above the water.

 Then I saw this boat, parked at the corner of the pond. I had a full shot of the boat but I thought of cropping it into half.

I moved along the boundary, there were two kids feeding buns to the fishes. An older guy next to me kept repeating - "If I had not been in an accident I would also be out like you guys". I thought "Dude! you are outside".

Then I moved along and tried this shot. I had tried this view before also but now I tried with the ND filter.

I had seen a water snake too but it swam too fast. While I was planning to leave I thought why not take photos of some humans too ? These kids were playing there at 9 in the morning.

Then this reflection caught my eye. My filter was more towards the right. Oops.

This is the location of the pond

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