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Woolly Aphid bug

Its been a long break between the posts. The weather is too hot to get out and shoot, even in the mornings or evenings. So I suppose these breaks will continue for entire summer.
   Back to the photograph. As was cleaning my scooter, I saw this feathery bug sitting on it.

 Later after some googleing I found this is a Woolly Aphid bug.

You can compare the size. Its just fitting on the border of the "O" from the HONDA.

Photographs from Bangalore - 04

This post has some of the interesting portraits the I took at Bangalore. The one below is of my niece Oshin. This one was with the 18-55 kit lens.

Next is my nephew Osho, using 50mm lens. Love his eyes.

The photos below were taken with my Olympus ยต Tough 3000 . Photos were taken in a pool.

I couldn't open my eyes under water.

Well, this is last post in this series. Will come with more photos.

Clouds and Sun rays

I captured this spectacular view of clouds on 23rd March. It was around 10:00 AM, I came to my window and saw these clouds. I was stunned.

The clouds were filtering the sun rays. I feel the photos could have been better.

Just clouds.

One thing I learned is that if you want good sun rays in your photo, keep your aperture as small as possible.

Hope to get more clouds

I could not understand why was the top right part of all the photos was darker than the rest. If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

Flowers, Super Moon and a Watch

Flowers keep coming to me frequently. I need to find new ways to photographs them. The 2 photos below were taken in natural light.

Gerbera, again :), every time I see this flower, I see a new pattern in it.

Below is my attempt to catch the super moon. You can get better pictures here.

Then, at night, I tried to experiment more with light. These are few good results.

I also tried different lens - light combinations.

I will try more with different types of products, lets see how things come.

Photographs from Bangalore - 02

On my trip to Bangalore, I , with my family, went to see the Bull temple. I go to temples on to see the architecture. They have interesting shapes and figures. This one had some interesting flowers to. This is the entrance to the temple.

Some of the different varieties of flowers present there.

All photos shot with the standard 18-55 mm kit lens.

I wasn't expecting this depth of field, was surprised to see the photos later.

The one below was actually a photo of a rose, but I found this leaf more interesting.

Mom, Dad with my nephew.

and Rajat

Photographs from Bangalore - 03

The next day we went to the Lal Bagh, this place also had too many flowers and trees but there was too much light. Still I managed to get some shots.

I like how the photograph below is leading you towards something.

Ya, there were birds too.

This HDR I shot from the balcony of my brother's house. I was testing Qtpfsgui.

Playing with light - 03

Till now, all the photographs of flowers that I have taken were in natural light. This time after playing artificial light for some time, I thought lets try it on flowers. The results were better than I had expected.

At first I had hard time getting perfect lights, but I kept on trying and got a few good photographs.

This one is my favorite, lighting it from the bottom gives it a totally different perspective.

These photographs push me to experiment more with light.

Earlier I only had only one thing which I could control, which was the camera but now I can decide on the lights too.

I will experiment with more things. I hope to improve.

Photographs from Bangalore - 01

OK, again a series of posts :). Well these series of photographs are from my trip to Bangalore last year. My facebook friends might have already seen these photos but I wanted to share it on my blog.
   My brother lived in a 20 story building, there were always 2-3 eagles flying on the roof tops. I caught this one from using Tamron 70-300.

I could feel that it was aware of my presence but was not focusing on me.

Then it prepared for its flight.

then took off ,

and went up, high

More photos coming up.

Wild Valley Farm - 03

These are the last set of photographs from my visit to Wild Valley Farm. The photograph below is of my nepfew Osho. He wants to eat the whole apple in one go, without any teeth.

This one is of my niece Oshin. She went wild when we left her alone on this carpet.

She has got the prettiest smile.

Here she is with cousin Rajat. He is hyperactive already on his way to make his first rocket.

This is my brother Maneesh. I like this picture because there is a good amount of empty space in it. It could be used as a movie poster :)

Flowers around my building - 04

This is the last post in this series. Today the photographs I have got are of a tree named The Yellow Oleander or the name by which I know it is "Kaner Tree". This one was at my home at Ujjain [ M.P. ] also.

The color of the flowers is beautiful yellow.

These were also in bunches but there was a good amount of leaves also.

I liked this small bunch.

The bokeh in this one came out good. This photo is breaking the rule of third, but its looking good.

This one also has the subject in the center.