Flowers around my building - 02

   Some more photographs of the same tree as my last post. I really loved taking photos of this one. I used the Tamron 70-300m for all photos.

ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/320 sec Aperture: 5.0 Focal Length: 250mm Flash Used: No
 As you can see, there is a good depth of field in the photos.

ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/1000 sec Aperture: 4.5 Focal Length: 180mm Flash Used: No
The flowers are in bunches, no leaves :)

ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/250 sec Aperture: 5.6 Focal Length: 300mm Flash Used: No
I won't say the photo below is a good photo but I wanted to show how dense are the flowers on the tree.

ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/2000 sec Aperture: 4.0 Focal Length: 75mm Flash Used: No
There were so many flowers at all angles.

ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/400 sec Aperture: 5.0 Focal Length: 250mm Flash Used: No

ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/400 sec Aperture: 4.8 Focal Length: 200mm Flash Used: No
I have photos for one more post. It has some other flowers also.