Photographs from Bangalore - 04

   This post has some of the interesting portraits the I took at Bangalore. The one below is of my niece Oshin. This one was with the 18-55 kit lens.

ISO: 400 Exposure: 1/40 sec Aperture: 5.6 Focal Length: 55mm Flash Used: Yes
Next is my nephew Osho, using 50mm lens. Love his eyes.

ISO: 400 Exposure: 1/20 sec Aperture: 1.8 Focal Length: 50mm Flash Used: No
The photos below were taken with my Olympus ยต Tough 3000 . Photos were taken in a pool.

ISO: 64 Exposure: 1/200 sec Aperture: 3.5 Focal Length: 5mm Flash Used: No

I couldn't open my eyes under water.

ISO: 64 Exposure: 1/640 sec Aperture: 3.5 Focal Length: 5mm Flash Used: No
Well, this is last post in this series. Will come with more photos.