Playing with light - 03

    Till now, all the photographs of flowers that I have taken were in natural light. This time after playing artificial light for some time, I thought lets try it on flowers. The results were better than I had expected.

ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/80 sec Aperture: 4.5 Focal Length: 185mm Flash Used: No
At first I had hard time getting perfect lights, but I kept on trying and got a few good photographs.

ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/30 sec Aperture: 4.5 Focal Length: 185mm Flash Used: No
This one is my favorite, lighting it from the bottom gives it a totally different perspective.

ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/15 sec Aperture: 4.5 Focal Length: 185mm Flash Used: No
These photographs push me to experiment more with light.

ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/60 sec Aperture: 2.8 Focal Length: 50mm Flash Used: No
Earlier I only had only one thing which I could control, which was the camera but now I can decide on the lights too.

ISO: 400 Exposure: 1/160 sec Aperture: 2.8 Focal Length: 50mm Flash Used: No
I will experiment with more things. I hope to improve.