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Osho - 01

I had a little visitor at my home for some days. So how could I waste this opportunity. I took out the camera and started shooting. His name is Osho.

He speaks on one word as of now, that is "Dada". So for him everyone, everything is dada.

He can kill you with his smile. He can eat anything and tries to eats everything that he can or cannot grab.

You can feel the mischief in his eyes.

After eating the thread, he came towards me to eat my camera.

Osho with elder brother Rajat.

I was afraid to take out the 50mm lens as my camera (Nikon D3100) can't auto-focus with it.
But I got good number of respectable photos even using manual focus.

At my door

Looks like I have hit the photographer's block. I need to try many things but some thing or the other delays my plans. So, yesterday when my wife asked me to take photographs of her craft items, I kept the camera in my hand for some more time. Tried to take photo of something within my reach and interesting. I went near the door and found this hanging.

Then I looked out from the peep hole. Took a photo and added some tint.

When ever I wake up in the middle of the night, I go to the door and look through this hole, hoping to find someone running up or down the stairs. But I never found anyone till now. :)

I have also started to upload photos on my Facebook page, so that its easier for people to comment on individual photographs.

X-mini Speakers

Sometime ago, I had bought these X-mini speakers for my wife. I found its shape very interesting. I tried to take its photographs but its color was very dark.
It took me time to experiment with light and get these near perfectly exposed shots.

I found it difficult to shoot a dark object in a light background. Some of photos had the object too dark or the background blown out.

I had to use flash for correct exposure. For lights I have used the same Pringled-Lights as used in this post : Playing with Light