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Dead Bee

While returning from an after-lunch walk ( I know how ridiculous it sounds considering the Mumbai heat ), I found this dead carpenter bee in my office premises.

I brought it home thinking of taking some interesting photographs.

Its wings were shining in the light. I used my pringled lights.

As I was using a CFL bulb and had turned off the fan, the bee was getting hot.

After some time I noticed some tiny things moving on the bee's back. I freaked out and threw it out of my window :).


Some days back I had bought couple of cashew fruits. I had seen them for the first time in my college,  in Kerala. They have got a nice smell.

Could not eat them as they ripe very fast. This post gives a good description of the fruit.

Charkop Daily Walks - 03

Its not easy to maintain a blog :). Takes time to take photographs, to edit them and then to post them.
Well all that aside, below is the photograph of the full moon on Buddha Purnima. Its a handheld shot so I lost all the details in the moon but I liked the clouds.

These are some new types of flowers found in my building.

The yellow center gives them a beautiful effect.

This is the bud of the same flower.

Charkop Daily Walks - 02

I have started my morning walks again, after a long pause :). I spotted this bird one morning.

Luckily I had my camera with me and I took couple of photographs.

This bird also got curious and came closer to me.

This one is a the common sparrow.

The one above is the common crow.

Yeoor Hills Trail - 02

The second post in my series of photographs taken at Yeoor Hills. It was a hot day and things were not looking very positive. But I kept my hope alive that I'll get some good photographs.

I did take some photos, but I was not overjoyed.

Something was missing. May be it was a very hot day :)

My favourite photograph of the set is the one below. I liked the way the climber was holding the thorn.

And I love reptiles so this also made my day :)

The butterfly was also beautiful.

I hope to find some more reptiles in my next trip. :)

Yeoor Hills Trail - 01

Today I had gone to Yeoor Hills part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, near Thane. The event was organised by BNHS. It was fun and a learning experience. Plus it was also a good time to test my photography skills.

First we spotted these 2 birds on the top of the tree.

Then some beautiful flowers.

Then again a bird, I think its a Slim Ali's bird.

Then a beautiful lizard.

Some more flowers

A dragon fly.
We had also spotted things like snake's skin, pagoda ant's nests, termite nests, various spider etc.

First attempt at Post Processing

Well, as the post title says this is my first serious attempt at post-processing. I try, as much as possible, to use only open-source software, so these were done in GIMP. Its a great software, try it, its free for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The image above was shot from my house. We have got great clouds in Mumbai these days.

I will confess that after I took the photographs, I was not sure that these were any good. So I tried to retouch them with some tricks I have learned from Harshal.

I think these photos look better than I original ones and they have a 'dark theme'.

I'll try some more and post them as soon as I can. :)

Osho - 03

Dad wanted to take a photo of Osho on the grass, so as soon as I left him on the ground, he started crawling everywhere. So he had to keep him.

Rajat was pissed off after our insubordination on not playing cricket based on his on-the-fly rules.

After some time I got hold of the camera and started shooting around one of my favorite subject: flowers.
The one below known in North India as Kaner [ Cerbera thevetia ].

This one is a Bougainvillea.

Don't know the name of this one though.

Same as above.

This is the last post in this series. Will come up with some new photos next time.

Osho - 02

The second series of photos of Osho eating the fishing line. Its not a real fishing line, just a thread with a magnet attached to it and some plastic fishes with some metal in them.

But after some thought on why am eating a fishing line ....

He grabbed a fish and started eating it :)

The next day, we went to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We enjoyed the toy train ride.

Both Osho and Rajat were happy.

The photo below was taken by my Dad, as he was trying the camera.

My Dad wanted to know how to get those blurry background photographs. So I gave him a 70-300.