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A Moth - Part 02

These are some more selected photos of the moth that had visited me last week.

The point to be noted in the above photo is that I had used on camera flash while the moth was back lit by a CFL bulb.

Test with 50mm lens

I see a face on the back of the Moth.

Can you see the actual eye of the moth ?

A Moth

Found this guy sitting on a black paper, in my house, last Sunday morning. At night, it was still there.
I took the paper, spread it on the floor and started taking its photos.

It stood still, very still.

I was not happy with the results in the flat light so took out my Pringled light and then the whole scene changed.

I was having fun. Controlled lights gives an entirely different angle to the subject.

 Some more photos in the next post.

A Bug, Few Drops of Water, A Pair of Chappals, Some Color Bottles and Dad

Wel the title says it all :) I had trouble taking photos of this bug as the lighting conditions were bad so I boosted my ISO and got a clear shot but with some noise.

It was raining and I wanted a photo of the drops but could not get a better shot than this one.

I was lying down and saw this reflection on my wife's chappals. Got some shots and liked this one.

Again my wife's color bottles, enhanced some colors using GIMP.

Same color enhancements using GIMP.

My dad was looking in the mirror and got this photo from behind, without telling him.

A Bird

I photographed this bird some day ago. I really loved this particular image.

Flowers around my building - 05

So the rains have started in Mumbai. One thing I like about the rains is that it cleans all the trees but it creates more mess on the roads.

So these are the flowers currently blooming near my house.

The clean new leaves give me a good feeling to start something new.

This one is a watchman's place at a office space near my house.

A place for living

The photograph below was taken at 11'o clock in the night. The clouds were looking good. It shows the construction of some multistories going on near my home. It will be the home for some people.

The next morning I took the photograph of the web of this tiny spider, living in my house.

 I wonder if that spider realizes, what a big world it lives in ?

"Dead Bee" had something alive on it

As I was photographing the "Dead Bee", lighting it with a CFL bulb for proper exposure. I noticed these spots on its back. I had turned off the fan and it was a hot summer night. The bee was getting warm. This photo was taken at 10:20 PM.

 After some time I noticed that the spots on its back grown and had changed color and were moving :).
I really freaked out. This photo was taken at 10:38 PM.

But I kept my camera on and started taking a video.

Dead Carpenter Bee's Back from Ashish Disawal on Vimeo.
You can see things crawling on its back. :)