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Day 20 : 30 Days of B&W

Only 10 days more to go. One thing I realized while I was deprived of internet was that I had gone into this frenzy to post anything I click just to make up for the day. But now I think I should not do this. I will only post if I get a good shot.

Day 19 : 30 Days of B&W

Its been some some, my internet got disconnected, forgot to pay the bills :) . Last Saturday I , with my wife and some friends, went to Band Stand ( Bandra , Mumbai). Got some good shots there. Here is my favorite one.

Day 18 : 30 Days of B&W

Today's photos :

Day 17 : 30 Days of B&W

Today I attended a photography workshop at my office. The photo below is from there.

Day 16 : 30 Days of B&W

Another day comes and will go by ....

some things to remember some to forget

Day 15 : 30 Days of B&W

I had this idea for a long time. Using only mobile's light to take a photo. Finally I got one

Day 14 : 30 Days of B&W

Today I tried to explore my fridge, found nothing new but an angle.

Then a look outside the window

Day 13 : 30 Days of B&W

13th Day. Idea running away from me. Clicking anything that comes my way.

Day 12 : 30 Days of B&W

This guy was working on the roof of the room just outside my window.

Day 11 : 30 Days of B&W

I can't figure out if this experiment is draining out my creativity or increasing it.

and one more.

Day 10 : 30 Days of B&W

And on the 10th day I said "Shit! Its raining cats and dogs and monkeys and what all and I don't have a clue about what I'm going to photograph today." But I found it and here it is :

Day 09 : 30 Days of B&W

Its raining today and I woke up a little late, feeling grumpy. As I saw this crow sitting on a tree outside my window, I came into action. Grabbed my camera and shot it.

Day 08 : 30 Days of B&W

Well its day 8 and I still have ideas. I feel good today. Feel creative.

Well these shots have been done a thousand times, but not by me.

So here they are.

Water and bubbles :)

Day 07 : 30 Days of B&W

It was raining when I woke up today. I thought "Shit! I won't be able to take any photos today." . But the rain stopped and I did get out of my house and took some photos. This is today's photograph.

Well I took more than one photo today :)

The sky was superb, clear blue and just enough cloudy.

The trees were greener than usual.

I think I should have left some shot rest of my days. I am going to have a hard time finding subjects.

People look at me when I take out my camera. I feel uncomfortable. I need to get rid of this feeling.

But I am getting comfortable but I have a long way to go.

Day 06 : 30 Days of B&W

Got flowers for my wife today. Also wanted a new prop for photography. So here is the shot.

Day 05 : 30 Days of B&W

Just the 5th day and I'm running out of ideas, but as my friend says that you can never go wrong with a  50mm, here it is. Not my best, but a step forward.

Day 04 : 30 Days of B&W

As soon as I woke up I stared thinking what should I see in black and white today ? Its getting harder to find a subject. As I was thinking I saw this water cooler and this idea struck me. I used 2 CFL bulbs to light it from the back and here it is :)

Day 03 : 30 Days of B&W

This a bottle of honey, I wanted to take a colored photograph of it but bound by my experiment, I did not. This came out quite well. I'll post the colored one some time later.

Day 02 : 30 Days of B&W

As I was walking today, I found this dog sleeping in the middle of the road and I thought lets try a photo keeping the camera on the road. As I came near this dog, he got scared and tried to get up and I got this shot :) .

Day 01 : 30 Days of B&W

Inspired by this talk from Matt Cutt , I am also trying to do something which I have wanted to do for a long time. I wanted to take B&W photos. So here is the first one today.