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A Big World

Experimenting with text :)

Flying High

I wish  i could fly :)

Text Experiment 01

A new experiment of adding text with images.

Day 29 : Pipes

Some pipes kept on road, near my office.

Scene from a horror movie

Last Sunday evening when I looked outside my window, I saw there were too many crows flying, sitting and doing all types of stunts.

I think there must have been a dead animal.

I tried to capture them in flight but the light was not in my favor.

I have shot a small video also. Will post it soon.

But this was an amazing view.

I feel now that I was too overwhelmed to capture it correctly.

Anyways, it is fun shooting photographs.

Flight, Leaf, Clouds and Sun

A cool sunday morning and all the pigeons of my building were flying together.

So I got my camera out and started taking photographs.

Then I saw a beautiful leave.

Some clouds

A wire

As lone pigeon

Some more clouds

Then the sun

Day 28 : 30 Days of B&W

Light on building during Ganpati days.

What's Cooking

My attempt at a moderate length video. Used Openshot for editing. My Nikon D3100 with 50mm lens. All handheld. My wife cooking :).

Check it out

What's Cooking ? from Ashish Disawal on Vimeo.

Day 27 : 30 Days of B&W

Now that I have no hurry to reach anywhere, I am trying to get better photographs.